The Apparel Your Child Needs

FDJFC will be introducing an exciting new online shop in the coming months, making it easier to select and buy apparel for your child’s needs. Until then for all questions and orders, please contact our Apparel Coordinator Vanessa Kerr on:



Playing Guernsey 

All U9 and U10 to receive club guernseys at the start of the season and to be returned at the end.

U11 and up - Guernseys cost $66 reversible for home and away games to be used as you move up in age groups. 



Can be purchased through the club and retained for the next season.



As a league and club policy it is mandatory for your child to wear a mouthguard.

Non customised mouth guards can be purchased from a sports store such as Rebel in Frankston or a pharmacy.


Custom Mouthguards

Contact: Michael Weigert Dental Prosthetist
Address: 2 Bartlett St, Frankston South VIC 3199
Phone: 5971 4180

$88.00 single colour mouth guard or club colours.
$98.00 for custom colour of your choice.

Please call for your fitting appointment and Private Health Insurance rebates are available.


Football Socks

Plain Black football socks to be purchased from any sports retail shop. Mention FDJFC whilst at the Rebel checkout to pass on benefits to the club.


Football Boots

Can be purchased from a sports store such as Rebel in Frankston. Can also be purchased from our second hand facebook page.

Who Do I Contact?

For more information please contact our Apparel Coordinator Vanessa Kerr:

Apparel: Vanessa Kerr