Frankston Dolphins Life Members

This award is not presented annually, but is presented only when this most esteemed recognition is warranted. The criteria for nomination are a significant contribution in single or varied roles, in time and effort to our Club, over a prolonged period.

The persons listed have been honoured with a life membership to our Club.

We thank them for their very important contribution in making our Club the vibrant, dynamic Club it is today. 

 Year  Life Members
 2018  G.Chave
 2017  N.Old
 2015  M.Souter
 2012  G.Bradshaw
 2011  M.White
 2008  R. Ryde
 2005  M & J Smart / S & L Beckett
 2003  J. Horton
 2001   M. Leury / P. Waddell
 2000  S.Hall
 1999  P.Schloeffel
 Life Members    
 J.Day  S.Potts  M.Hendrix
 R.Harrison  M.Clancy  J.Gill
 G.Boaler  R.Clancy  D.Alkermade
 Mr C.Carey  Y.Adkin  B.Barnes
 Mrs C.Carey  G.Adkin  P.Potts
 P.Fairbairn  L.Charles  A.Potts
 L.Kennedy  J.Charles  R.Herbert
 T.Kennedy  B.Valentine  S.Johnson
 G.Allan  T.Valentine  D.Peters
 R.Allan  J.Roles  M.Johnson